Achieving Workforce Diversity through Recruitment & Post-Hiring Job Placement

The CEO of a prominent company was once asked: Why is diversity key to your company’s success? He responded: “We know that people are more inclined to do business with us if they see others like them in our organization. For employees, their intellectual contribution and diverse backgrounds are key to our success.”

Recruitment involves, to a great extent, networking and building relationships with outside organizations. Research by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) found many companies have established some methods to recruit diverse talent from across the country. Typically, companies will recruit through campus visits to colleges and universities. Others attend traditional local and regional job fairs such as National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, The National Urban League, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the UNITY conference, The National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (“NAMIC”) and The Black College Radio Convention.

Reaching out

Most companies work with these diversity recruitment channels to form strategic partnerships that assist the companies in hiring employees with diverse styles, backgrounds and skill sets.

One telecommunications company’s approach to recruitment involves building relationships with the heads of various universities in addition to attending the typical college campus job fairs. This corporation created a program called “A Day with The Dean,” designed to acquaint deans from historically black colleges and universities (“HBCU”) with how its business is operated and what job opportunities exist within the company.

In addition to attending annual career fairs and special events at HBCUs, one broadcast company sends representatives to attend various industry conferences with minority journalists and broadcast groups to develop ongoing relationships, so the company can directly identify qualified candidates.

A College Recruitment Manager was hired at a hospitality company to develop and implement a systematic strategy for the company’s recruitment of college and university graduates and to enhance the appeal of the company as the “employer of choice.”

Some companies have developed an “internal recruitment” process designed especially for high-potential employees. Specifically, one communications business implemented an internal recruitment system and has proactively targeted minorities and women for high-level positions that are vacant. The objectives of this program are to expand on an employee’s individual skill set, support retention and develop a firm base of diverse employee talent.

Utilizing the Internet

With the widespread use of the Internet in promoting business activities, many businesses have found online recruitment to be a very valuable tool. For example, one small cable television company found that posting notices of job openings to multiple diverse websites have yielded the most positive result in terms of attracting diverse recruits.

In addition to electronic postings, this cable company places advertisements in targeted industry trade magazines and promotes an “Associate Referral Bonus Program” that offers cash incentives to employees who refer new recruits.

A broadcast company also views the Internet as a good source of identifying diverse candidates for job vacancies.  In particular, this business uses Recruit USA, an online job board that represents over 100 sites, as well as America’s Job Bank.

Other resources

A recruitment council formed by one telecommunications company consists of recruiters from all business units and shares information on a variety of topics such as open positions, diversity job fairs and resume exchanges from internal and external diversity candidates.

The human resources departments monitor applicant flow, turnover and exit interview information, in addition to job promotions and transfers, to make certain that diverse applicants and current employees are exposed to the same opportunities.

A communications business found it very effective to use a combination of Internet job postings and advertising in trade journals.  The company posts job vacancies on e-boards such as,, and The trade journals include Careers and the Disabled, Black Enterprise Magazine and African-American Career World.

Source: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)


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