How to Plan A Unique Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event can be challenging, primarily when tasked with making it an enjoyable and memorable experience. All too often, people hear the term “corporate event” and immediately think of something generic, dull, or cheesy.

Consider these tips can plan a new, engaging, and exciting experiences for attendees:

Focus on a goal

As with anything else that is business related, it is important to know and set a goal before taking action. Even when the occasion is intended to be fun, a corporate event should have a business objective. It’s impossible to be successful without determining how success will be measured. After deciding that goal, create an event theme that will help power the overall atmosphere.

Goals to consider:

  • Providing information about the company and launching a product
  • Corporate training
  • Building relationships across departments or team building

Be sure to take into account the workplace culture and climate. This will help determine how well the event will work.


When employees think about places to get away from the corporate structure and have a little fun, they won’t choose the office. Get out of the usual workspace and select another venue. It doesn’t have to be far away, it just needs to be away. Consider something such as:

  • A private and/or historical residence
  • Theme park
  • Concert or sports venue
  • Hotel or resort

Using such a venue will leave a lasting impression upon those who attend. It’s more likely that attendees remember the goal of the event when the event is memorable.

Engage the audience

Forget about PowerPoint slides. When attendees become part of the event, they are much more likely to take away the knowledge and intended message of the event.

Consider the following ways to engage:

  • An event-specific app
  • Encourage social media posts with event hashtags
  • Have hands-on participation

Develop a competitive trivia game featuring fun facts integrated with insightful corporate info

For more active team-building events, forego the tired old rope course. Instead, engage attendees with a themed murder mystery to solve or a room escape game. These help boost self-confidence, build morale, and increase communication between individuals.

Food and drink

No one will remember what was provided in a boxed lunch. To make an event unique, mix up the menu. Bring in local restaurateurs and create food stations. Get creative with catering by offering numerous bite-sized treats and food on sticks or get a popular food truck to roll up.

Grow together and give back

Providing the opportunity to volunteer at local charities pulls people together as a team while they work toward a common goal. Additionally, it connects the corporation with the community and strengthens the brand.

Keeping in mind the goals for the corporate event, align with a charity that invites teams to help in the effort. For example, while joining in at a soup kitchen, children’s organization or shelter, employees can work on a project, bond outside of the office and use their professional insight and skills to assist others.

Taking time to understand the needs of the corporation, stepping away from typical ways to get those needs met and maximizing the interest of event attendees will make the event unique and deliver satisfaction. Provide attendees with something to talk about, and they will remember it for a long time.

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