What is Resiliency?

  • Resilience is a process
  • Capacity to bounce-back from setbacks
  • Overcoming adversities
  • Coping well with changes
  • Learned Skill

The Good News: The Capacity to be Resilient is Within All of Us!

Assess your Resilience

  • Do you adapt easily to change?
  • Do you see the glass half full?
  • Can you laugh at yourself?
  • Are you confident most of the time?
  • Do you have a strong support network?
  • Do you view challenges as an opportunity for growth?

Characteristics of High Resilience

  • Playfulness and curiosity
  • Strong & healthy relationships
  • Mental and emotional flexibility
  • Solid sense of self:
    • Esteem, confidence, motivation & awareness
  • Deep optimism
  • Empathetic, intuitive, and creative
  • Healthy boundaries

Develop a Resilient Mindset

  • Become optimistic through positive self-talk
  • Reframing situations
  • Learning from past experiences
  • Cultivate new goals, skills, and knowledge
  • Build social connections
  • Acceptance & action
  • Maintain a sense of humor

Cultivate Positive Self-Talk

  • Become hyper aware of your internal chatter
  • Challenge negative thoughts
  • Stop irrational thinking
  • ‘Flip the Coin’ to the positive side
  • Create positive affirmation and mantras


  • Reinterpret the meaning of a situation
  • Shift your focus and perspective away from the negative
  • Focus on your strengths & capabilities
  • Find the ‘Silver-Lining’
  • Foster a more realistic and optimistic view

Tips for Reframing

  • Talk it out with someone & gain their perspective
  • Take a step back & see the “big picture”
  • Sleep on it & see it differently the next day
  • Ask yourself:
  • “How can I see this differently?”
  • “How else might I interpret this situation?”
  • “What am I not seeing?”

Learning from Past Experiences

  • “How have I overcome similar challenges in the past?”
  • “What strategies were effective and which weren’t?”
  • “What have I learned about myself and others?”
  • “How have I grown from past experiences?”
  • Remind Yourself of your Resilient Qualities!

Cultivate Goals – New Skills – Knowledge

  • Cultivate new goals to pursue
  • Focus on results you want to achieve
  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Gain new skills & abilities
  • Be adventurous and open to exploring

Building Social Connections

  • Maintain strong relationships with family & friends
  • Spend time with those that share your interests
  • Reach out and help those in need
  • Ask for help from your connections
  • Volunteer and get involved with your community

Acceptance & Action

  • Accept adversities are a part of life
  • Let go of trying to control what you can’t
  • Evaluate options and take action
  • ‘What is the most important thing to do next?’
  • ‘What choices best match my goals?’
  • ‘What action can I take today? Tomorrow?’

Maintain a Sense of Humor

  • Use humor as a ‘pressure valve’ to relieve stress
  • Find the humor in stressful situations
  • Create opportunities to laugh
  • Spend time doing fun & joyful things
  • Stop taking everything so seriously
  • Put things in perspective – Long view

Best Practices to Maintain Resiliency

  • Sleep, eat and exercise: Recharge the brain to be at its best
  • Laughter is just plain fun and good for the soul
  • Human relationships help us keep going
  • Reframing – “it could be worse” puts everything in perspective
  • Take a mental break (or physical one)
  • Bubble baths, showers, pets, funny movies (or very sad ones)
  • Reading a great book, cooking, gardening, chewing and enjoying food, all mindful tasks that have us stop and think about just how great life is
  • Even studying family genealogy can help…what have your ancestors been through?

Source: NOAA:

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