December 2019 – Creating Stronger Relationships

Relationships can come in many shapes and sizes. They can be with friends new and old, family members, significant others and even work colleagues. It can be a relationship based on a common interest, strictly business, romantic or anything else. But regardless of the type of and how it started, each relationship can use extra reinforcement to become even stronger. Below are some tips to helping you build a stronger relationship:

Tips for Creating Strong Relationships

  1. Trust – often seen as the most important aspect of a relationship, without trust it can be difficult for all parties involved in the relationship to positively move forward. A lack of trust can lead to many difficulties within a relationship, so it is important to be open and honest about all aspects of your relationship – no matter if it is an intimate relationship, strictly work related or involving friends.
  2. Commitment – this can also be seen as ‘loyalty’. Just as trust is important in any relationship, having a commitment to the others in any relationship is key. When forming relationships, many people reserve this aspect for those they can not only trust, but who have shown them that they too are committed to the relationship themselves. Having all sides of the relationship committed to the others leads to stronger connections and a more meaningful relationship.
  3. Intimacy simply put, intimacy means that all parties involved in a relationship are comfortable enough to be open, honest and willing to share all aspects of their lives with the others. When someone is intimate with you, they are showing their vulnerabilities and are trusting you to be accepting of those.
  4. Respect – another key component of any relationship, respect is defined as, “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements”. In terms of building a better relationship, respect means letting someone know that you value them, their values and who they are as a person just as much as you value yourself.
  5. Communication good communication doesn’t just mean ‘talking’ but it means really listening to even non-verbal cues. Having good communication also isn’t just talking, but truly listening to what the other has to say and why they are saying it. Most importantly, communication is also tied together by trust, commitment and respect. See how these all work together?
  6. Empathy – it is one thing to just communicate with someone and hear from them about their issues, struggles or other personal challenges. However, empathy is about truly ‘taking a walk in someone else’s shoes’. This allows you to truly understand someone, how they are feeling, what they are thinking and how they process and perceive the things around them which can help bolster your relationship even further.
  7. Equality – relationships cannot last if everyone involved isn’t seen as an equal. Everyone should carry the same weight and have a say in any decision-making situations that affect them as well. This also means you need to be flexible and to compromise, as no partner, friend or coworker should be seen as inferior of the other.


To learn more about Building Stronger, Healthier Relationships watch this short video. 

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