January 1, 2021: Prioritizing Mental Health

Happy New Year! With a new, clean calendar to fill, you may be considering changes you’d like to make in the coming year. As we continue to endure the COVID-19 pandemic, stress, anxiety and depression have skyrocketed across the globe. It’s important to include strategies for taking care of your mental health this year.

SupportLinc offers a variety of proven methods and sources you can incorporate in your planning:

  • Self-Kindness. Treat yourself with respect and avoid self-criticism. Starting a mindfulness practice is an excellent way to bring calm, presence and peace into your life.

  • Physical Health. Adopting a plan to eat more nutritiously, quit smoking, be more active, get better sleep or even just drink more water can improve your mental health. Follow the Wellbeing Place blog for advice, recipes and more.

  • Strong Connections. Enrich your life and sense of self by making regular plans with supportive family members and friends. Or try activities where you can meet new people, such as a club, class or support group.

  • Quiet. Improve your state of mind and mental outlook by establishing a daily time of quiet. Regular meditation has been shown to improve mental health and overall emotional wellbeing.

  • Counseling. Seeking help is a sign of strength and mental health treatment is very effective. After the past year’s challenges, working with a licensed clinician can help you build resilience and bounce back more quickly. Call SupportLinc at 1-888-881-5462, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, or visit the Access menu above to email, chat or use another program feature.

As your intentions for 2021 begin to take shape, including one or more goals to boost your mental health will have a long-lasting impact on every area of your life.

Chat is available on business days from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. CST. If you would like to speak with a counselor outside of these hours, please return to the home screen and press the call button. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please proceed to the nearest emergency room or call 911 immediately.